The Gallery, Painting Workshops and Painting Breaks

Join us for a weekend away with 2 watercolour workshops

March 25th to 28th 2022.

We are holding our inaugural watercolour weekend in March 2022 having previously been thwarted by covid.
Rent a cottage between 1,2,3 or  4 of you for £440. Then 1 of you or all 4 of you can join us for 2 watercolour workshops on the Saturday and Sunday for just £100 per person. The workshops will run from 10am to 1pm and at the end of both sessions you will have a finished painting. The sessions planned are packed full of amazing hints and tips to improve your art or even start your watercolour journey. As a bonus the Gallery will be open throughout your stay for you to use as much or as little as you would like outside the main sessions.

Who knows what we will paint?
Rob is adamant that anyone can paint in a free and easy style using watercolours and he has indeed taught many, many people to loosen up!

Seascapes and landscapes
Rob's style lends itself to still life, landscapes and seascapes. If you would like to give it a try email in now. One cottage is already booked.

Not interested in painting?
Get a chance to go out and about and explore the area knowing that your friends or family will be there when you get back from your adventures with all of you having something to share over dinner.

We have our own on-site art gallery showing the work of resident professional artist Rob Walker. The Gallery is open for viewings by appointment only and also available at any time for resident Gallery Cottages' guests. You can purchase any of the paintings on view which includes original artwork and prints. You can also learn how to paint by participating in one of Rob's regular Watercolour Workshops, see below.

Our holiday cottages are also furnished with much of Rob's work, which is also for sale. You can see more of Rob's work at


  • Regular scheduled Watercolour Workshops
  • One-off workshops for people on holiday
  • Group demonstrations
  • Original artwork and prints for sale

Gallery Cottages offer a choice of painting breaks and watercolour workshops. You can participate in a one-off workshop or come and stay in one of our luxury cottages for either a Weekend Break (3 nights) or a Midweek Break (4 nights) and enjoy all that Devon and Cornwall has to offer while learning how to paint paint free, loose, exciting watercolours with resident professional artist Rob Walker.

Watercolour Workshops £55 per person

Watercolours without Fear is our introductory workshop suitable for all abilities from beginners to experienced artists. 

Watercolours with Style is the follow up workshop which allows you to build on your experience and develop your style.


Weekend Painting Break £100 per person + accommodation fee

Our Weekend Painting Break is from Friday to Monday (3 nights) and provides two sessions of tuition from Rob which allows you plenty of time to yourself to go out and practice your skills painting the stunning local countryside or seascape. 


Midweek Painting Break £150 per person + accommodation fee

Our Midweek Painting Break is from Monday to Friday (4 nights) and provides three sessions of tuition from Rob which allows you plenty of time to yourself to go out and practice your skills painting the stunning local countryside or seascape. 



Each session is three hours long from 10.00am to 1.00pm and Rob will show you with a few simple techniques how to produce stunning watercolours in just a few hours without the trepidation of the white sheet of paper. The workshops are informal and friendly and suitable for all abilities from beginners to experienced artists as you probably won’t have painted like this before. Rob will guide you through the fundamentals of his technique and introduce you to the pleasure of painting with freedom.

The aim of the workshops are to enable you to paint freely without inhibition and enjoy the medium so you can realise that it’s actually not that difficult. The workshops are also suitable for artists that have experience but want to ‘let go’ a bit and add some dynamism to their work. It is about expressing yourself and not ‘painting by numbers’. If you feel a bit daunted, don’t worry, you’ll be amazed at the hidden talent you have within you. By the end of the sessions we would like to think that you can take away your own framed* piece of artwork that you will be proud of.

The workshops will cover basic materials and techniques, some simple exercises, a quick watercolour sketch to get you in the mood and loosen up, and then a finished painting that may be wildlife or a landscape incorporating some of the key elements. Rob will demonstrate how it is done, guide you through the process and help you develop your technique whilst offering advice and guidance. Towards the end he will give you an honest appraisal, answer any questions and discuss the way forward for you.

All materials are supplied and class sizes are small allowing for one-on-one tuition. Refreshments are included. 

Age: 16+ only, unless supervised.

*Mounts and frames are an optional extra.

If you would like more information or to book a workshop please fill in our enquiries page.