The environment

At Gallery Cottages we want to do the best for our local environment and the whole planet. After all, we live in one of the greenest and most beautiful areas of the country and we are keen to keep it that way.

Energy efficiency

Our cottages are built to the highest environmental standards with solar PV panels that supply electricity and constant hot water. Our lighting is all low energy LED. The cottages are insulated above and beyond current building regulations keeping them warm and cosy in the winter and cooler in the summer. Our efficient woodburners use managed sources of timber from local sources. We have an on-site treatment plant for the management of foul waste which turns effluent into clean water before being discharged back to the environment.

Trees and plants

We have planted hundreds of native species trees and hedgerows including beech, ash and oak. Our ongoing programme of planting flowers and shrubs that not only look great but encourage bees and other insects to thrive. Our bank of cotoneaster literally hums during the long summer months.


We have encouraged the native bird population by installing bird boxes for various species as well as an owl box for our barn owls. Our seasonal arrival of swallows are specifically accommodated in the wood store and outbuildings and can be seen diving and swooping throughout the summer. Some of the less common birds that can be seen here include barn owls, tawny owls, lesser spotted woodpecker, buzzard and jay as well as the more common goldfinch, bullfinch, great tits, wren and the like. At certain times of year you can witness the amazing sight of thousands of starlings in a spectacular murmuration.

We have surveyed and monitored the local bat population and have several different species on site including lesser horseshoe bat, common pipistrelle and common noctule. They are accommodated within the outbuildings and cupola and can be seen in the evening flying around the house and along the hedgerows.

If you are quiet and prepared to wait it is likely that you will see plenty of local wildlife. You will often see the elegant sight of roe deer strutting across the fields or scaling the hedgebanks. 


We encourage recycling while you are here. Buying locally produced food with minimal packaging will reduce the amount of recycling required. Recycling boxes are located in the first bay of the garage. All our garden waste is composted and re-used for planting in the garden